Not too long ago, I booked my naran & kaghan tour with Shedi Travel & tourism. I got the chance to visit one of the most popular and beautiful vacation spots in northern Pakistan – Naran and Kaghan. Considering it was May, and peak summers were just about to happen, I thought it to be as hot as it is here down in Karachi. Having said that, it is fascinating to observe that May is actually the tail end of winter in northern areas.

We arrived by bus and started from Rawalpindi passing through Mansehra and Abbottabad before reaching Naran. Because the journey was long, we chose to stay a night in a small village called Rajwal.

Rajwal is stunning, encompassed by mountains that are mostly green but begin to show hints of snowy white as you move further up north. The heat was around eight to 10 degrees throughout the afternoon and would drop close to one to two degrees at night. The roads which lead to Rajwal are wide and city-like, even though one occasionally sees herds of goats and sheep being shepherded around the roads.

As a consequence of the season, most naran hotels and motels were closed. However, our naran kaghan tour organisers shedi travel & tourism got us hosted in a modest but sufficient guest house. The bedrooms were roomy, and despite the fact that there wasn’t any central heating, there was hot water available in the morning which was a big relief! This was my view from the room:

The center of attention is the fresh air and the scenery – who wouldn’t wish to awaken to that. If you walk down the road, there are some small stores which you could get basic groceries from and also you encounter fresh water streams. In the evening, you can huddle around a bonfire in the garden to keep warm. The environment is chilly but doesn’t get cold to the bone. In the event you walk around a little and have some coffee or tea, you’ll be perfectly fine. After staying there for the night, the next stop was Lake Saiful Malook.

Saiful Malook – Mother nature’s versatility at its best

Throughout the summers, the lake can be reached by road as Saif Ul Malook lies between a valley of mountains

I was, regrettably, unable to make it to the lake this time as I didn’t have proper shoes. But there have been a few determined ones from our group who made it and got to see this look at the lake in contrast to the one above.

This view is a little something worth seeing in both seasons. It takes approximately two hours to get there on foot and about another 2 hours to get back. You ought to visit in late April-early May to determine this winter wonderland and once again during the summers to see the greenery that surrounds the lake.

It was a nice naran kaghan trip.

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